A smart swarm of micro UAVs will quickly scan any object, create a 3D map and overlay high resolution images to remove distortions. A cloud-based AI analysis system will troubleshoot any areas of concern or order the swarm to do a detailed investigation.
  • Achieve tremendous savings

    Using the swarm of micro UAVs allows you to inspect objects in hard to reach places, such as building rooftops, offshore windpower platforms and drilling rigs, cargo holds and tanks without human control or intervention.
    Reduce the liability by letting robots do the dangerous tasks and focus on what's important for your business.
  • Inspect bulk cargo holds in minutes

    Bulk carrier cargo hold cleaning and inspection are demanding tasks and the liability for missing remaining contaminants is enormous. Reduce the risks significantly by using the fully autonomous swarm of micro drones to inspect the hold of any configuration in minutes and identify any contamination automatically. Since micro drones are very small, there are virtually no risks of property damage or bodily injury and no operator certification requirements in most jurisdictions.

We are changing the way field inspections are done

When performing visual inspections of large objects the time is of essence and the stakes are high. 

Swarmly aims to slash the inspection time from hours to minutes by simultaneously deploying dozens of miniature drones to create a detailed 3D model of an object, overlay high-definition images over the model to remove distortions, and analyze the resulting representation for any defects.

Such an approach allows inspectors to focus on report validation instead of menial data gathering and analysis. We also aim at virtually eliminating inspection errors and fraud by using the AI-based expert system in the cloud, where its results are stored and can be accessed for verification anytime.