• Custom solutions at affordable prices

    We build turnkey solutions for your specific missions, provide qualified personnel to quickly get your goals achieved, train your staff to use our platforms, and transfer our technology to you.
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  • No mission is too challenging

    We combine our expertise and experience with our swarm framework and platforms that best suit your needs to successfully complete your mission.
    Protect your vessels from piracy threats? Deploy search and rescue mission in adverse weather? Demine a mountain pass? We've done it all and we will build a solution for your problem too. Just give us a call or drop a line and see for yourself
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  • Purpose-built platforms

    We designed and built a number of platforms specifically designed for multi-UAV operations. From long-range ISR, to counter-EW, and bad weather search and rescue, our platforms work together to complete complex mission profiles in the safest, fastest, and cheapest way possible.

    Deploy fifty low altitude thermal imaging quadcopters to quickly locate a man overboard, then launch five rescue drones to check all potential located targets, and direct the rescue vessel to the confirmed location? All in freezing rain, ten feet swells, and thirty knots winds? Done.

    What challenge do you have?

We don't sell you some stuff. We solve your problems.

Swarmly is a different kind of a company. We work together with you to identify issues you are facing, design a process to fit your specific needs, select best and most affordable platform components from our inventory and from third parties, and build a solution specifically designed for you. Our entire team consists of seasoned professionals with military, law enforcement, homeland security, aviation, oil and gas, and naval backgrounds in Europe, US, and Middle East. We've successfully completed missions around the world under the most challenging conditions. Now we're ready to apply what we've learned to help you.

Besides our people, another key component of our success is our proven UAS technology. We've built a system that minimizes human involvement, while keeping you in control at all times. Our technology allows building complex mission profiles, integrating payloads with diverse functions from various vendors to deliver comprehensive solutions to real world problems.

Here is our promise to you -- we will never try to sell you anything you don't need. Just talk to us and we'll make all our expertise, knowledge, and experience available to you immediately, no matter how challenging your mission is.