Athena Fixed Wing Platform

Athena Platform was originally designed for the needs of special operations forces and is a fast-deployable portable fixed-wing UAS platform. There are currently two models available -- H1 and H12 with different MTOW and flight time parameters.

With up to 1 hr flight time and 40 KIAS, H1 Athena utilizes SLAM-based visual navigation to operate autonomously in GPS-denied environments. The platform is equipped with a SWIR stereo imager, an FHD visual camera and a thermal imager can be added as needed.  H12 platform has up to 2.5 hrs of flight time at up to 45 KIAS with maximum payload capacity of 1.5 kg and can carry a variety of optional payloads, including retractable dual imager gimbal, multispectral cameras, RF repeater, etc.

A low-density swarm of Athena platforms can be quickly hand-launched to cover a large area with various payloads to carry out more complex missions. 

The platform is designed to withstand up to 50 takeoff/landing cycles. Flight controller with visual processing allows a swarm of Athenas to optimize the coverage and investigate detected features in the target zone. 

The swarm is using a low-power FHSS-based AES256 encrypted radio network to communicate between members. An additional long-range communication module can be added for integration with other platforms and for communications with C2 center.

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