Demining operations

There are currently over 100 million unexploded mines in over 60 countries. The current demining process is painfully slow, extremely dangerous, and very expensive even with recent introduction of UAV/UGV mine detection technology. The actual demining, even after the mine was located and identified is still a manual process and the technology there has changed very little over the last 20 years.

Swarmly developed a multi-platform solution to autonomously detect, identify, and clear mines within the pre-determined area.

The solution consists of three platform tiers:

  • mapping and detection platform, which creates detailed 3D map of the target area and uses various sensors to detect potential mine locations
  • verification platform, which allows a human operator to remotely observe and confirm each suspect mine location and verify the mine detonation
  • remote detonation platform, which uses low cost mUAV equipped with explosive charge to autonomously reach the suspect location and detonate the mine

The demining solution can integrate various third party platforms to detect specific types of mines, including Soviet-made PFM-1 variants.

Swarmly employs a team of experts with military backgrounds to rapidly deploy the demining solution anywhere in the world and successfully carry out a mission 

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