Facilities Security Operations

For critical infrastructure, such as sea ports, oil refineries, nuclear power plants the reaction time is sometimes a life or death factor. 

We built a comprehensive system that integrates early detection visual, thermal, RF, radar, and acoustic early warning system with rapid launch autonomous interceptor drones that investigate detected threats and allow an operator to take a range of actions from directing a security patrol to disabling or destroying a threat before it presented a real danger to the protected facility.

The key to success in critical infrastructure protection is to reduce human error, so our system acts autonomously up to a decision moment, giving an operator an ample time to investigate a threat, notify the chain of command and even take a decisive action if necessary.

In field tests our system was able to detect a suspect drone covertly approaching protected perimeter, launch a small swarm of interceptors and present a threat level evaluation to the operator in under a minute. When the target drone reached the protected perimeter, one of the interceptors detonated a concussion charge, which took the threat out of the sky.

Do you have a challenging facilities protection job you'd like us to tackle? Just call us or drop a line and we'll help you design your own perimeter protection solution.

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