• S11 Fever Scanner

    Take the burden out of identifying individuals with high fever in crowded places with the fully automated networked scanners running Swarmly AI. 
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COVID-19 Update

We are making all hardware designs and code available for $10,000 plus 1% royalty to anyone capable of producing S11 Fever Scanners locally for the benefits of government and business institutions affected by COVID-19 pandemic. Considering shortages of thermal imaging sensors, we have also designed a version of S11 Fever Scanner that can work with any available thermal imager with analog video output. The entire S11 Fever Scanner architecture is designed to use low cost COTS components, so there is no need to make custom PCBs or mechanical components. All enclosures are designed for 3D printing with STL files available.


S11 Fever Scanner is designed to automatically scan crowds at distances of up to 10 meters for individuals with body temperatures exceeding preset thresholds. S11 can be mounted at jetways, building entrances, or any other indoor locations to continuously monitor foot traffic, identify individuals with high fever and notify security personnel by presenting HD photo of the scene with markings to identify persons for further testing. Multiple S11 scanners can be networked together to provide real time video feed and present alarms to the central monitoring location.

S11 Fever Scanner works by recognizing head profiles of people using Swarmly’s proprietary AI algorithm and measuring the temperature using low cost thermal imager by comparing with a precise reference heat source visible in the background to the scanner.

Operating Principles

S11 Fever Scanner is designed to use FLIR Lepton 3.5 low cost miniature thermal imagers in conjunction with ToF structured light 3D mapping sensor and FHD visual imaging sensor to automatically detect head profiles of individual people in the crowd and comparing the highest temperature reading within the head profile with a high-precision black body thermal source visible to the thermal imager in real time.

The need for such approach arises from the fact that miniature thermal imagers have declared thermographic precision of +/- 5 degrees C and such precision is not sufficient to identify individuals with elevated body temperature.

There are two main factors that affect sensor thermographic precision in this application:

  • Distance from sensor to target
  • Low frequency variations in absolute thermographic reading

As S11 Fever Scanner is designed to scan crowds within it’s FOV at distances from 1 to 10 m, Swarmly’s AI-based head detection algorithm identifies all potential targets within visual camera’s field of view and uses built-in ToF camera to measure distances to these targets at the same time taking absolute maximum thermographic values within target areas. These values are then corrected using another AI-based algorithm by the distance to target and by compensating value with thermographic reading of the black body reference source visible within the thermal sensor’s FOV. The black body reference source constantly measures its true temperature to within .01 degree C and sends it to the S11 imaging unit in real time.

S11 Fever Scanner provides temperature readings of all identified individuals in real time in the form of color-coded square marker with values displayed for reference. S11 also displays absolute readings transmitted by the reference heat source for verification by the operator.

S11 Fever Scanner units can be networked via wired Ethernet or WiFi to send video feeds to any number of workstations, or a centralized server. In case individuals with elevated body temperature are identified, S11 Fever Scanner can also take FHD images and send them to a pre-determined email address or upload to a cloud storage.

Main Features

  • PoE and DC power
  • Calibrated thermographic sensor and precise reference heat source
  • FHD HDR color video sensor
  • 3D ToF camera to correct measurements by distance to the target
  • Onboard AI-based video processing and head detection
  • Two separate video feeds with superimposed target marking
  • Separate alarm pin
  • Configurable fever thresholds
  • 1000BaseT and 802.11ac networking
  • Automatic firmware upgrade

Available Options

  • Battery backup
  • Multiple networked camera operations and control from central location
  • Automated MMS alarms to preset numbers
  • Mobile app for feed display and push notifications
  • Custom mounting and power options



Typical value

Dimensions of the scanner housing


Dimensions of the heat source housing


Main scanner power

24V and 48V PoE

Additional scanner power


Optional Backup scanner power

3S LiPo battery with BMS

Main heat source power 

12V DC

Backup heat source power

3S LiPo battery with BMS

Thermal imager resolution


Thermographic precision

<40 mK

Head temperature measurement accuracy

0.05 deg C

Visual imager resolution


Video feed format



100BaseT, 802.11ac

Alarm pin

28V tolerant Isolated pull-down

Measurement distance range

1 -10 m

Head identification distance range

1 - 7 m

Maximum target speed

1.1 m/s

Trigger fever range

37.4 — 41.5 C

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