H1 Athena

H1 Athena was originally designed for the needs of special operations forces and is a fast-deployable portable fixed-wing UAS platform. 

With up to 1 hr flight time and 40 KIAS, H1 Athena utilizes SLAM-based visual navigation to operate autonomously in GPS-denied environments. The platform is equipped with two infrared stereo imagers and a thermal imager can be added as needed. 

A low-density swarm of H1s can be quickly launched to cover a larger area and other platforms (X2 Xelos, H3 Poseidon, etc.) can be integrated to carry out more complex missions. 

H1 Athena fits into a tube 810 mm (L) x 160 mm (D) and is deployed in 30 seconds per unit. The platform is designed to withstand up to 50 takeoff/landing cycles. Flight controller with visual processing allows a swarm of H1 Athenas to optimize the coverage and investigate detected features in the target zone. 

The swarm is using a low-power FHSS-based AES256 encrypted radio network to communicate between members. An additional long-range communication module can be added for integration with other platforms and for communications with C2 center.

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