Hermes Digital UAS Communications

Hermes Digital UAS Communications is a turnkey system that provides comprehensive redundant communications between a Ground Control System running any MAVLink-compatible software and the avionics onboard the UAS. Hermes provides two redundant direct radio control channels running on different frequencies, for example 433 MHz and 868 MHz, two redundant MAVLink channels running on the same frequencies with the control system, GPS RTK updates, as well as 1,280 MHz digital downlink with speeds up to 7 MBit/s. Hermes also includes a tracking antenna system to point the high gain antenna array reliably at the UAS for EVLOS missions. All communications channels are encrypted with AES128 or AES256 algorithms and are using FHSS for increased reliability. An AES256 encrypted INMARSAT satellite communications system can also be added for BVLOS operations. Hermes also provides field communications for connected devices, such as GCS or remote video terminals using built-in LTE modem and secure WiFi router. Overall, Hermes is a self-contained, plug and play system for reliable UAS control and data transmission at EVLOS ranges up to 70 NM.

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