Hermes Digital Downlink

Hermes provides FHSS AES256 encrypted data downlink capabilities with speeds up to 7 MBps and LOS range up to 70 NM.  Customers can provide their own encryption algorithm to be used instead of the standard one supplied by us.

Hermes Downlink can operate in the frequency range from 100 MHz to 2.7 GHz. Operating frequencies and FHSS algorithm are field programmable. Hermes Downlink has a separate wideband amplifier with three software selectable antennas for low, medium, and high frequency ranges.

Hermes Downlink can be configured as a secure data link repeater for swarm members or BVLOS ground stations. 

Hermes Downlink can be used in conjunction with low-speed long-range uplinks, such as RFD modules to provide data recovery and retransmission capabilities. 

Hermes Downlink can work with a diverse range of data, including point clouds, simultaneous video and images, telemetry, radar data, etc. It can simultaneously transmit data collected via UART, Ethernet, and MIPI interfaces. In repeater mode, Hermes system can multiplex local data with data received from remote transmitters.

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