Poseidon VTOL Family

Poseidon VTOLs are designed to serve as long-range long-endurance surveillance and integration platforms, and can operate independently, or within a multi-purpose swarm. 

Poseidon VTOLs have from 3 to 12 hrs endurance and up to 90 KIAS, are equipped with long-range data downlink and can accommodate a large variety of payloads, including video and thermal gimbals, high-resolution imaging camera, drone detection radar, SAR, phased array RF detector, deployable payloads, etc. 

Poseidon VTOLs are equipped with SLAM-based visual navigation, and an onboard processing unit. Poseidon VTOLs have small vessel, vehicle, or trailer launch and recovery capabilities utilizing a portable platform. 

Poseidon VTOLs may be utilized as a swarm data collection and processing platform and act as a data link repeater for multiple swarm members or ground stations. 

Multiple additional payloads with a total weight of up to 25 kg can be integrated inside the fuselage or attached on external pylons. Poseidon VTOLs were also tested during maritime search and rescue exercises, locating man overboard, and delivering emergency beacons and floatation aids in adverse weather conditions, as well as other deployable payload delivery scenarios.

ParameterH10 H6
Wingspan 3,500 mm4,500 mm
Length 1,900 mm3,400 mm
 MTOW 22 kg85 kg
Maximum payload 3 kg25 kg
Endurance 3 hrs12 hrs
Maximum speed59 kts 91 kts
Stall speed 30 kts 30 kts
Maximum distance 110 nm 750 nm
Maximum hover time25 min40 min
Wind limit 31 kts31 kts
Maximum rainfall 4 mm/hr10 mm/hr
EO/IR gimbal
  • 2-axis gyro-stabilized
  • LWIR 640x480 4X digital zoom 17 mkm VOx
  • EO 1280x720 20X optical zoom, 2X digital zoom
  • 3-axis gyro-stabilized
  • LWIR 640x512 4X digital zoom 12 mkm VOx
  • EO 1920x1080 30X optical zoom
Communications EVLOS 40 NM control and data downlink, FHSS, AES256 encryptionEVLOS 70 NM control and data downlink, FHSS, AES256 encryption
BVLOS INMARSAT control and data downlink
 VTOL Propulsion Electric, 4 x 24" propellersElectric, 4 x 40" propellers
Cruise Propulsion Electric, 21" propeller18.8 bhp two-cylinder EFI internal combustion engine, 32" propeller
Available payloadsMeteorology suite
Photogrammetry suite
Ship exhaust gas analyzer
Powerline corona discharge detector
32,000 lumen searchlight 
AIS receiver
Orange smoke and green dye canister
Meteorology suite 
Airborne targeting radar
Anti-drone shotguns
Photogrammetry suite
Ship exhaust gas analyzer
Powerline corona discharge detector
32,000 lumes searchlight
Emergency water landing floats
Inflatable flotation aid canister
AIS receiver
PA loudspeaker system
Orange smoke and green dye canister
Optical guided AGM
Fragmentation and incendiary gravity bombs
Transportation and storage Rugged field transport cases
 Conversion Mercedes Sprinter panel van for mobile operations base
Foul weather and marine vessel recovery platform
Ground equipmentPortable Ground Control Station
Antenna tripod with autonomous antenna array
Portable battery charging station
Redundant Ground Control Station
Vehicle-mounted antenna array with tracking platform
Fueling station
Power management station with solar and diesel generator sources
Additional features Designed for fast field assembly and EVLOS operations by one person crew
Equipped with SLAM-based optical navigation in GPS-denied environments
Includes ADS-B and LIDAR collision-avoidance systems
Includes optical takeoff and landing system
Designed for fully autonomous long endurance and long distance operations from a mobile base or marine vessel
Equipped with SLAM-based optical navigation in GPS-denied environments
Includes ADS-B transponder for operations in civil airpsace
Includes LIDAR collision-avoidance system
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