Search and Rescue Operations

While there is a number of UAV-based SAR solutions exist today, the common problem they share is what we call the coverage paradox. In order to increase the coverage area and reduce location time, UAV needs to fly at a greater altitude. Greater altitude requires sensors (both thermal and visual) with higher resolution and weather conditions that permit higher AGL operations, thus reducing practical use of the platform.

The only practical approach, especially in maritime SAR, is to deploy a cooperative swarm of low altitude inexpensive UAVs with density sufficient to cover the target area within the platform's practical flight time. This swarm quickly identifies all potential targets and communicates their coordinates to a smaller number of rescue drones equipped with high resolution cameras, searchlights, PA systems, drop packages, etc.  An operator has to visually confirm each location and take necessary actions, such as directing a rescue party to the confirmed location, dropping off emergency supplies, illuminating the target to assist the emergency crew, etc.

Such a mission is launched from a transport vehicle or a boat, equipped with purpose-built storage, launch and recovery (SLR) container. This container can be quickly loaded on any cargo vehicle or a deck boat and is self-contained to simplify operations.

Swarmly is currently in the process of testing the solution with a number of SAR agencies in Eastern Mediterranean region and will start offering a turnkey service for SAR agencies worldwide. We employ operations professionals with military, law enforcement, and SAR backgrounds to properly carry out SAR missions worldwide, train our customers' personnel and transfer the technology to them.

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